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About Arty

Founder and President of Coppes Consulting LLC, Arty is an internationally recognized executive coach and leadership trainer. Since 2003 Arty has been coaching and supporting (mostly healthcare) leaders to move beyond their current performance. Through a series of targeted questions clients are invited to refine the issues at hand, challenge their assumptions, verbalize a vision and subsequently develop and implement action steps.
Her motto is: Leaders creating great work environments. 
She achieves this by encouraging clients to reach their professional and personal goals through aligning their passion and vision with the company’s mission. She supports leaders to develop strategies to cope with team dynamics and become more successful at team management.
Coppes Consulting uses a variety of assessments to give insights into an individual’s personal strengths, as well as identify barriers to professional growth. Executive coaching results in execution of new professional growth plans for the team as well as the individual.

Most recently she has worked with physicians, nurse managers and administrator from Children's National Medical Center in Washington DC, National Cancer Institute at the NIH Bethesda, Duke University School of Medicine Durham NC, University of Alberta faculty of Medicine and Dentistry and UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento as well as University of British Columbia, faculty of Medicine.
She has a passion for  leadership; her chapter on resilience and coaching skills was published in Discover Your Inner Strength with co-authors Stephen Covey and Ken Blanchard.  She also co-authored: coaching ED's of Non Profits, which was publishes in 2007 as well as Assess for the Best, published in March of 09 ( both in Choice magazine).

As Assistant Professor of Oncology at the University of Calgary, she published over 20 peer reviewed manuscripts on the history of Medicine.   In 1997, she co-authored a book on the history of the Alberta Children’s Hospital.  These experiences have provided her with an excellent basis from which to understand the challenges facing health care leaders.
Arty also served the University of Calgary as a Senator and as such dealt with many complex issues that affect the academic world.  

Her extensive academic experience has helped Arty to become an efficient and engaging speaker and moderator.  She is able to capture and keep the attention of the participants and through her dynamic and energetic approach she leaves them with a value added experience. 

Arty has an MA from the University of Leiden, The Netherlands; her coaching certification (CEC) from Royal Roads University, Canada and the PCC (professional Certified Coach) designation from the ICF.

                                                            Arty's brand skills:

coaching, communicating (listening and speaking), empowering others, facilitating,  inspiring, collaborating,  motivating,  seeing big picture,  relating to others,  analyzing and transforming.      

                                                 What  OTHERS say about her:

Intelligent,  collaborative,  diplomatic,  enthusiastic,  communicative, community oriented,  ethical,  helpful,  accessible, easygoing,  adaptable,  intuitive,  humorous,   credible,   caring and resourceful.


Representative Leadership Coaching Engagements and Clients:
  • Rear-Admiral of the Dutch Navy
  • CEO of a private company.
  • C suite executive of large student loan company
  • Independent lawyer  C.M., Q.C. (Past Chancellor of the University)
    • Clarify professional options for growth; development of tools to make decision on new professional direction congruent with personal values (2 month assignment).
  • Physicians
    • Identification of burnout, development of strategies that balance professional and personal demands
  • Mid management Operations Private Building Company
  • Incoming and Mid management of (residential builder, Calgary)
    • Senior Manager, City of Medicine Hat
      Help setting specific goals, increase capacity to achieve more than previously achieved, and provide specific tools and strategies to be more effective in relationship with others (6 month assignment).
    • Executive Director Development Operations, University of Calgary
      • Assessment of personal strengths, assessment of barriers for further professional growth.  Realignment of professional aspirations with Vision and Mission of organization.  Support in execution of new plan for professional growth.
    • Manager Scheduling and Transportation of BP Oil.
    • Director of Land Operations for Annapolis Tours & Watermark Cruises.
    • Executive Director of Leadership Edmonton.
    • A Canadian company providing strategic environmental management and consulting services in the energy, industrial, business and government sectors.

    Our workshops:

    For an overview of workshops , see workshop page.
    She has facilitated workshops for the following groups:
    • mid level management international oil company.
    • healthcare teams
    • Royal Bank of Canada branch
    • leadership of various non profit organizations
    • departments Precision Drilling, oil company
    • staff of large educational institution
    • staff of private and public schools in Calgary
    • staff of Right Management, Calgary
    • Calgary Region Medical Staff Association Executive
      • Recognition of different behavioral profiles; recognition of the advantage of utilizing physicians with a specific preferential behavioral profile in particular situations; recognition of the importance to value within the health care environment, diversity in behavioral response.
    • Calgary Institute of the Blind, Youth Leadership
      • Understanding of their leadership styles and the fact that anyone can exhibit leadership characteristics.
    • Business and professional women chapter
    • Association of Junior Leagues International.
      • Development of leadership training programs, project development and individual leadership development.
    • Provincial Volunteering Conference, Vitalize
      • Development of coaching skills seen as essential for good management.
    • Executive Women’s Forum of the ASAE. 
      • How to say NO.  Balance in life and work.
    • Women on the Move. Annual women leadership workshop in Washington DC.


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