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These assessments can all be taken online in about 10-20 minutes and require a one hour debrief by a certified consultant.

As a graduating medical student I found the assessment a valuable tool.  I was impressed with the DISC assessment and was surprised by the accuracy of it.  It has made me more aware of how I respond to different situations, how I interact with others and what I can do to improve my performance. 

- Nick

Questions the DISC Can Help Answer
- What are my strengths?
- What are my limitations?
- How do I relate to people and my environment?
- What are my strategies for creating positive relationships (with family, friends,   clients, others)?
- How can I increase effectiveness in others and myself?
- How do I behave as a manager?
- What are my strategies for managing others?
- How do I direct, delegate, motivate and problem solve?
- What motivates me?
- What de-motivates me?
- What type of environment do I prefer?
- What things do I tend to avoid doing?
- What's my response to conflict?
- How do I make decisions, manage time, solve problems or handle stress?

- Where is our TEAM most effective?

A sample of the DISC or Staff Management version

A sample of the Workplace Motivator version
A sample of the Talent, Emotional Intelligence  version

360 Assessments
  • customized for YOU and your TEAM
Health care
  • TTI Personal Talent Inventory Skills™ - Health care Version

A sample of the health care version

Conflict Resolution and Enhancing Communication 
  • TTI SuccessInsights™ Management-staff version
  • TTI Success Insights TM PIAV(Values)
  • TTI Workplace™ Motivators (Values)            
  • MFS Work Environment™ Report
  • TTI Personal Talent skills Inventory™ Emotional Intelligence Version


  • TTI DISC /Behavioral Excellence for Learning for Students ™  , Teachers ™, and Administrators ™
  • Family Talk™ - Parent Version and Young Adult Version
  • DISC/ Golf Stroke Saver Report
Job Benchmarking, Talent Selection, Performance Management, Employee Development, Stress Management, and Career Transitions
  • Trimetrix™: Job Reports, Personal Talent Reports, MR Job Plus Comparison Report, Job/Talent Comparison Report, Coaching Report
  • DISC Behavioral reports (Time PLUS, Successful Career Planning)
  • PIAV (Values)
  • Workplace Motivators™ (Values)
  • Personal Talent Skill Inventory™ Emotional Intelligence Version
Leadership and Management
  • DISC Behavioral reports
  • PIAV™ (Values)
  • TTI Personal talent Skill Inventory ™ ™ Leadership/Management Version
  • TTI Personal Talent Skill Inventory ™ ™ Emotional Intelligence Version
Sales and Customer Care
  • DISC/Behavioral reports
  • PIAV ™  (Values)
  • Workplace™ Motivators (Values)
  • TTI Success insights Sales Strategy Index™ Report
  • Sales Strategy Index™ CDs
  • Trimetrix ™  (job benchmarking and talent selection)
  • Skill inventory™ Sales and Sales Management Versions
Team Building Training
  • DISC Behavioral ™ - Team Building
  • Dynamic Communication™   Seminar and Workbooks
  • PIAV ™ Report (Values)
  • Your Attitude is Showing™ Seminar and Workbooks
  • Workplace Motivators™ (Values)
  • Interactive Insights™ Team Building Version
  • OD Surveys Plus™  (T.E.A.M.S. Survey)
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