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Question:  What is a coach?

A coach is a highly trained partner who helps clients grow personally and professionally. A coach listens, provides observations, guidance, makes requests and helps the client focus and achieve bigger and more fulfilling goals.

Mostly, a coaching relationship allows you to have someone who really cares, who really listens, and who can ask you for more than you can usually ask of yourself.   Your coach will also hold you accountable!

Question: What does the coaching process achieve?

It improves performance.  By working within an organization and one on one with individuals (or teams), executive coaching creates the synergy required for improving performance; through leveraging strengths and strengthening weaknesses.

Question: Why would my organization hire a coach?
Some ideas:

 Team Building Sensitivities
Communication Skills
 Sounding Board
 Catalyst for Change
 Specific Skills Training
 Leadership Skills Training
 Deliver Assessments
 Accountability Culture
 Cultivate a Coaching Culture
 Daily Effectiveness
 Improve Leader Impact
 Mission Integration

Question:  How long is a coaching contract?

Most business coaching programs are four to twelve months, with some programs going more than twelve months, or continuing on an ongoing basis. The duration depends upon the nature of the client’s personal, professional and/or organizational goals and objectives.

Question:  How much does coaching cost?

As a strategic business partner, a business coach charges a rate range similar to other essential business service providers (attorneys and accountants).
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