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You are in the right place looking for a coach with experience in healthcare settings!

  • Would you like to step up to the next level with more enthusiasm and insights into  your leadership competencies ?
  • Are you ready for a better functioning team and more effective communication?

We use well researched assessments and validated tools to help you reach those goals!


TURNING DOCTORS INTO LEADERS.  Harvard Business review  by Thomas H. Lee

WOMEN IN HEALTHCARE : State of the Knowledge Report: Bioscience, Academic Medicine, and Nursing

Patient Experience Leadership survey

Community Clinic Leadership in California: This report highlights key findings from all three clinic leadership and workforce studies and considers the implications across them.

Listen to an interview with Daniel Goleman on Social Intelligence and Leadership here.

Doctors as business leaders?  A short conversational article in two parts.
part 2

Are you getting exhausted just doing your work?  You may be suffering from:
Great books to read:

- Physicians as Leaders by Mindi  McKenna and Perry Pugno.
- The five dysfunctions of a team by Patrick Lencioni

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Physicians and Nurse Managers:

Are you looking for leadership development?

Are you dealing with change in your program?

Contact us for a customized workshop/team building/executive coaching experience.

Do you want renewed enthusiasm and passion in your daily work?

Enroll in our 6 month PABO program 
(Protect against Burn Out).

Together we will find strategies to lessen stress and reconnect with your passion.  

Past Clients:
Children's Hospitals
Regional Healthcare
Physician Leaders
Nurse Managers
Division Chiefs
Leadership teams

Some Coaching Thoughts for YOU:
  • What needs to happen for you to more FULLY live your life?
  • What are three things that you are doing right now that don’t serve you well?
  • What is one thing that you would want to do before you die?
  • What is one way to get more energy in your life?


In this professional relationship, Arty has enthusiastically and masterfully   enabled me to create win-win solutions  in my role as a nurse executive.
With great skill, she has supported me in hardwiring skills in communicating assertively with others, achieving business and personal objectives, identifying and achieving concrete goals and moving strategically in my role as a leader Arty has the talent,knowledge and insight to facilitate a person's move from being good to GREAT