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I wanted to understand more about communication and how we affect each other.  Arty was an excellent presenter who made it a lot of fun, she was worth double the price.  She is very knowledgeable and willing to answer questions.  I learned how to communicate more effectively with other styles based on my own strengths and weaknesses.
- Various workshop attendees.

Yes the board was absolutely ecstatic!! Arty I do not know how to thank you for your time! The board members were really excited and they felt that the DISC was such an enlightening tool. I could hear their enthusiasm and it truly sounded like they were having a really great time. My colleague  said she overheard several people excitedly discussing the DISC as they were exiting the building.

Workshops range in time from 1-3 hours and up to a full day. Follow up (coaching)  sessions are recommended for optimal learning.

  • Leadership from Within - Authentic leadership, how do I find it?
  • Leadership 101 - Basic skills and understanding of leadership.
  • Women Leadership - Why is it different, what are the myths?
  • Youth Leadership - How is it different, what to focus on.
  • Creating a Leadership Development Program - How can we strategically develop leaders.
  • Leadership according to Eleanor Roosevelt - Tips from a female leader par excellence.
  • Teams in trouble - What to do to move into success.
  • Team Effectiveness - Yes, team dynamics can be influenced.
  • Your Attitude is Showing - based on individual assessment, why do I behave this way, what are my values that drive my behavior?
  • Kolb Learning - style based on individual assessment, how do I learn?
  • Dynamic Communications - based on an individual assessment, how do we communicate with each other, and how should I adapt for most effective communication.
  • Coaching Skills for Managers- Add to your toolbox.
  • Supervising Skills - Dealing effectively with people.
  • How to give Feedback - There is a way of learning this!!
  • Project Management - How do I manage projects, what tools to use?
  • Conflict Management - Gain awareness of styles of managing conflict.
  • Change Management - Yes, you can actually manage this!
  • Time management - What if we all had 26 hours in a day?
  • How to be your own coach - How can I ask myself powerful questions .
  • Coaching skills for manager - The “coach approach”.
  • Effective Leader as a Coach - Add coaching skills to be more effective.
   Personal development:
  • Xplore U - (up to 4) sessions around personal growth and creating a personal vision.
  • From Issue to Action - how can I learn to advocate for issues that are important to me.
  • From Stress to Rest: how to find balance in your life.
  • How to say NO - Appropriately saying no will save you stress and prevent burn out.
  • Path of Growth - How to get from where I am to where I want to be.
  • Women Connected - (this could be up to 11 sessions) Liberate yourself, create an action plan and put your dreams in motion.
   History of Medicine :
  • Thomas Hodgkin
  • Max Wilms
  • Marie Curie
  • Langerhans
  • Ewing
  • Burkitt
  • Papanicolaou, after whom the papsmear is named.
  • Women Pioneers in Medicine

These vignette presentations are probably about 15-30 minutes each presenting a up front personal view of who each person was and why the disease is named after them illustrated with historic slides.